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Versatile, Simple, and timeless. There's no wonder that the shaker-style kitchen has stood the test of time.

This popular kitchen style is available in a beautiful selection of colours and finishes, so you're bound to find a design you'll love. The large choice of colour palettes combined with the expertise of our showroom designs means you can tailor the final design to your needs. Choose a more traditional or modern shaker kitchen layout that suits the look and feel of your home. 

Shaker style kitchens are renowned for their timeless elegance and simplicity. Originating from the Shaker religious community in the late 18th century, this design aesthetic emphasized clean lines, functionality, and craftsmanship. Shaker furniture and architecture are characterized by their minimal ornamentation, focusing instead on practicality and quality materials.

In a Shaker style kitchen, you'll typically find cabinets with flat-panel doors featuring inset panels and sturdy, straightforward hardware. These cabinets are often finished in Tuscan Walnut or Portland Oak. showcasing the natural beauty of the wood grain. The finishes tend to be simple and understated, with options ranging from natural wood stains to painted surfaces in muted colours such as white, cream, or soft grey.

 Countertops in Shaker style kitchens commonly feature durable materials like granite, marble, or butcher block. These surfaces provide both visual appeal and functionality, standing up well to the rigors of everyday use. The emphasis on functionality extends to the layout of the kitchen as well, with ample storage solutions and efficient workspaces designed to streamline meal preparation and cooking.

While Shaker style kitchens prioritizes simplicity, they are by no means lacking in character. Details such as breadboard panelling, simple crown moulding, and subtle decorative accents contribute to the overall charm of the space. Additionally, Shaker style kitchens often incorporate elements inspired by nature, such as woven baskets, wooden utensils, and ceramic dish ware, further enhancing their warm and inviting atmosphere.

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